Claire Vimala Anderson   is a nature and landscape photographer from western Pennsylvania, Tucson, AZ, and most recently, Greenville, SC. Her artistic influences are Georgia O’Keeffe and Ansel Adams. The painter, for her declaration of ‘why paint the whole thing when part will do.’ And the photographer for using his craft to preserve the landscapes of his time. The artist’s simple, yet often dramatic subject matter reflects these ideals along with her own straightforward philosophy: “Mother Earth is the true artist. I just record her work. The rest is derivative, for where would any of us be without her.” Contact information: 724.421.7478 VISIT CLAIRE-VIMALA ON FACEBOOK * * * * * * * * *

NEW BOOK!!! DESERT SONG: Portraits of the Sonoran Desert

Now available: ORDER ONLINE HERE   MAIL ORDER INFO BELOW     Desert Song: Portraits of the Sonoran Desert Text and photography by Claire Vimala Anderson Through the serendipitous encouragement of a stranger and the kind invitation of a friend, author and photographer Claire Vimala Anderson made her first trek to Tucson, Arizona in the spring of 2008. She landed in the middle of a childhood dream, surrounded by stark beauty of the southwestern wilderness – the Sonoran Desert by name – the ‘Wild West’ by reputation. She was there long enough to sense the beauty in this intense, even hostile environment. There were delicate blooms among the prickles and spines; a magical chorus of birdsong rising from a stark landscape; the calming stillness of rugged mountains and shade-less cactus forests; vibrant, colorful sunsets following fierce monsoon rains. It was a land that matched her soul, a place of survival, great inspiration and beauty. A place she continues to return to agai


  ANNOUNCING: ‘SAFELY THROUGH THE FIRE ’ A Memoir of Grief and Hope   by Claire Vimala Anderson       Author Claire Vimala Anderson revisits the memoir she wrote in the 1990’s after Billy, her oldest brother, died of AIDS. Claire Vimala published her writings via desktop publishing in 1997, then again as a third-person work of fiction in 2001, and then it sat. Through serendipity she found the original manuscript while working on ‘Desert Song’ and determined to publish it properly as a memoir all of these years later. The book remains relevant as people are still leaving and being left behind and still grieve these losses. Here is hope you will find comfort in this story, or at the least, awareness and compassion as you read.      “This book gives words to things we all think and feel when someone we love is dying.” - S.D.  * * * * * * * *      “Life’s most difficult lessons never wait until you are ready for them. I thought that they did until Labor Day in 1991 when the sk