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Claire "Vimala" Anderson is a creative artist manifesting most of her work in the fields of photography, painting, and as a singer-songwriter folk musician. Her works are both an expression and an exploration of the Spirit that her life experiences have unearthed within her. After living most of her life in western Pennsylvania, Vimala has found a second home in the southwest, spending time in both Tucson, AZ and the Pittsburgh [PA] area. Calling herself a late bloomer, Vimala has recently been inspired to 'hang up her shingle' and offer her many gifts to the world. Look around and feel free to tell us what you think...

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Saturday, January 11, 2014







ACOUSTIC VIMALA[pronounced VEE-ma-la]

Having launched her solo career in November 2007, Vimala takes you on a musical journey through the acoustic folk, pop, and blues heartland of the 60’s, 70’s and more. Her repertoire includes her own vintage-style pop/folk creations and tunes from such noted acoustic icons as Joni Mitchell, Simon & Garfunkel, Mamas & Papas, & Joan Baez; plus dozens more. Her list of acoustic covers and originals continues to grow.

"My first recollection of music was singing ‘Climb, Climb Up Sunshine Mountain’ as a 3-year-old in church." A native of Erie, PA, Vimala’s music career continued for years in the context of religious music, though her infatuation with the Beatles and other classic rock icons is unmistakable. After joining the band MOSES in 1999 her musical range and abilities grew and expanded as the bands support vocalist and bass player.

Now, blessed with an earthy, expressive vocal [think Kim Carnes or Joan Osborne] and a relaxed fingerpicking guitar style, Vimala's solo efforts blend blues, soul, pop/folk, and a little jazz. Reflecting her own life's journey, Vimala has developed a spiritual dimension that brings a much deeper level to her music. You will want to experience her powerful gift; something that until now only close friends have been privy to.


“I’m going to tell you what I told Carole King
before she started singing.
‘You’ve got what it takes…use it!’
She had everyone else singing her songs.
‘You don’t need any of them,’ I told her.
‘You’ve got it.
You do it.’”

–Al Aronowitz to Vimala
(September 2004)
NY Post Journalist and personal friend of George Harrison,
Bob Dylan, and Carole King

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Vimala sings: The Swan
[video courtesy of Myra Lesser]

Acoustic Vimala with Ocotillo Geo Treo
play "The Returning Song" at the Tucson Folk Festival 2009
[video courtesy of Geo Melville]

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For a complete song list
and/or booking information contact:
C. Anderson

Thursday, January 09, 2014


A new 'jacket' for her wardrobe... Songs of the Spirits is the latest creative venture Vimala has taken on. The workshop explores the phenomenon of spirit communication through music. In this workshop she shares insights from her encounters with the spirits in her musical process and explores the musical spirit connection that is there for us all.
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RODGERS & ANDERSON is a Western Pennsylvania-based classic acoustic rock, folk & blues duo specializing in performing  legendary tunes that helped define the 60's, 70's, 80's and beyond. From soulful blues to upbeat rock classics by such noted artists as Joni Mitchell, Neil Young, Rolling Stones, Beatles, Nina Simone and lots more, RODGERS & ANDERSON perform the music that audiences know and love to experience live!

The duo, originally known as Acoustic Curtain, was born in the fall of 2011 when Vim and her acoustic partner Mark Rodgers, signed on to help play a local benefit concert. With all of the major timeslots filled by other musical acts, the "curtain" fell between sets and played while the scheduled acts tore down and set up on the main stage. The name stuck! With time and sophistication of their act, the duo took on its new name and identity. RODGERS & ANDERSON sets feature Vim's dynamic, expressive voice, and Marks soulful blues guitar and authentic Neil Young vocal. The R & A duo shares their classic brand of music at wineries, restaurants, and events in the western PA, eastern OH areas.

For more information or to be notified of upcoming gigs,

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"Mother Earth is the TRUE artist. I just record her work! The rest is derivative of her anyway, for where would any of us be without her? Enjoy the journey!" -Vimala
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DESERT SONG: An Art Installation by Vimala
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Spirit Paintings

Spirit Paintings: A Psychic Reading on Canvas!

These acrylic on paper paintings are the result of an intuitive creative process. All matters, from the color selection to choice of technique are decided by impression and the end result is often surprising. When you commission one of these intuitive paintings we will coordinate with you and your spirit guides and the painting will 'come forth.' You do not need to be present. When you receive your painting, it will be accompanied by a written report of psychic impressions received during the creation of the piece. The patterns and energies in your painting are uniquely for you and will support you on your spiritual journey in the times to come...

Regular Price: $75



Paintings are unframed, acrylic on paper paintings and fit a standard 8"x10" frame. Quantity discounts are available if mailed to one address.

Commission your painting today!


SPIRIT ART Artist Statement

It is time to go nameless
A name brings limitation edges that aren’t really there.
It is time to go formless
Formless spirit art is what I do
No edges… No definitions…
Nothing to keep your heart from seeing, launching, soaring.

Looking forward to working with you!

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Thursday, January 10, 2013

BOOK: Safely Through the Fire

Safely Through the Fire:
A Story of Love, Loss, and Rebirth
"Life's Most Difficult Lessons..."

"A poignant yet thoughtful story of a sister's grief...paints a realistic portrait of isolation, emotional and spiritaul upheaval, and the eventual resolution of a brother's untimely death..."

"Life's most difficult lessons never seem to wait until you are ready for them. Anna thought that they did until one dreaded Labor Day, when the sky fell, the sun grew dark, and she embarked upon a journey from which she would emerge completely altered (STF-- Chapter One)." Anna's faith is no match for the inconceivable news that her brother Billy, the most stable presence in her young life, is dying of AIDS.

Author Claire "Vimala" Anderson, whose own brother died in 1992, draws upon personal experience to build a poignant, yet thoughtful story of a young woman's reluctant initiation into the world of loss and grief. With her brother gone, and her faith utterly destroyed, a miraculous message from beyond the grave sets her on a path of self-discovery that leads her into a gradual rebirth of hope and faith.

"This is the book I longed for when I first learned that my brother had AIDS. I wanted someone who had already weathered the storm to send back a word of hope." This story is for the multitudes who have been left behind..."
--Claire "Vimala" Anderson
Spring 2001
Writer's Club Press
$10.95 U.S.
ISBN 0-595-19138-X
...also available as eBook...

FOREWORD: "Should this work endure into an age when understanding, acceptance and compassion are the rule of the day, I want the reader to know that there was a time in the history of mankind when it was not so. Against the dark social backdrop of fear, superstition, and intolerance, some souls shown as brilliant stars, reminding us that there was indeed a better way. My brother was such a Star. Within these pages, I have offered the reader an opportunity to gaze upon the night sky of the disease called AIDS, and to discover that contrary to public opinion, it is ablaze with the welcoming light of love, peace, and hope..."

"...A candid glimpse into the world of AIDS-related bereavement..."
--Erie Gay News

* * *

"...Insightful...touching...beautifully handled."
--Paul Brown, "Probe" WQLN-FM, Erie, PA

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"...A book of hope and of life in the face of a death and a cruel dying."
--Jerry Trambley, Erie Times-News

LISTEN! Author interview ["PROBE", WQLN Erie, PA 25 April 1998]
Having experienced the traumatic loss of her oldest brother Billy to AIDS in 1992, author Claire "Vimala" Anderson has written a fictionalized account of her grief journey. She is available to share her story and insights with interested individuals, groups, and audiences who so request. To sponsor a talk or event: EMAIL

For your enjoyment - a musical tribute to her brother, by the author... or, this book put to song:

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